Survival Skills Intensive - begins September 27 

DSC 0095Join us for our Survival Skills Intensive, a 9 month ongoing wilderness survival class that meets one weekend each month to study wilderness survival skills. At Earth Native we believe that long term mentoring situations are the best way to learn these incredible skills. For this reason we are pleased to offer this opportunity for you to learn the ancient arts of survival and self-sufficiency.

Over the course of 9 months you will greatly increase your ability to be self sufficient in a survival situation through knowledge of indigenous and modern survival skills, technology, and philosophies, as well as increased comfort in wild places through knowledge of, and connection to place. 

You will leave this program with the confidence and skill necessary to survive in the wilderness, and the knowledge necessary to continue growing your survival skills on your own. 

Skills taught in this program program include, shelter building, friction fire by three different methods -- bow-drill, fire-saw, and hand-drill, primitive fishing with spear and line, local edible and medicinal plant studies, basic wildlife tracking and behavior, animal trap designs and trapping techniques, survival bow and arrow construction, making cordage from indigenous plant species, finding, collecting and purifying water, creation of natural containers (i.e. baskets and bowls), basic animal processing, primitive cooking methods, basic stone tool construction and use, and more! ENROLL NOW!

Upcoming Classes 

With Texas' Premier Wilderness Survival School

Wildlife Tracking Intensive begins - September 20

Survival Skills Intensive begins - September 27

Bow Building - October 8-12

Edible Plants - October 18

Medicinal Plants - October 19

Butchering and Animal Processing - October 24

Map Reading and Land Navigation - October 25

Wilderness Survival (101) Weekend - November 1-2

Acorn Harvesting & Processing - November 15

Camping 101 - November 22-23 (family class)

Knife Making - December 12-14

Primitive Cooking - January 10

Survival Bows - January 11

Wilderness Survival (101) Weekend - January 24-25

Art of Mentoring - March 15-21

Advanced Wilderness Survival - April 11-12

Wildlife Track & Sign Certification with CyberTracker Int’l - May 30-31

...other adult survival classes and the full 2014 schedule

Dave Scott teaching Wolf Tracking in Wisconsin winter of 2011

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