Butchering & Animal Processing - April 25

At Earth Native, we believe that the act of taking responsibility for one’s own food is admirable and we want to help you  along that path as much as we can. Sometimes this means not just introducing new techniques, but instead simply re-teaching people old school skills; Skills that your grandparents or great-grandparents likely knew well.

Join us for a daylong butchering and animal processing class. The class will start with a whole pig or goat. Students will learn to gut, skin, quarter and debone a whole animal.

Whether you are a hunter, or aspiring hunter, a budding homesteader, or simply just curious about how the meat you eat goes from animal to plate we think this class is a great choice.

This class is part lecture and part hands on participation. You will receive an email with class information after you register for the class.


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Butchering & Animal Processing - April 25

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