Bird Language - July 23

Come spend a day with us exploring the language of the birds; whether you have been a birder for life, or you don’t know an eagle from a sparrow, this course is for you!  Interpreting bird language entails understanding what birds are saying and how they are saying it, and is an ancient skill that people have used to help them survive and thrive for thousands of years.  Birds are the news media of the ecosystem as they describe where food, water, shelter and most importantly, where danger is located.  They are keenly aware of their surroundings and often very vocal about what they observe (especially songbirds), and put an audible soundtrack and visible body language to the happenings in the landscape around us, noting subtle shifts in the movements and energies of other species nearby.

Earth Native is a sanctioned Bird Language Leaders affiliate, the only training location in the entire southern U.S. certified by Jon Young’s 8shields organization.  You will learn to identify and differentiate between bird songs, companion calls, territorial calls, juvenile begging behavior, and alarms, and hence gain insight into the current state of play of the environment immediately around you as well as movements of predators and other events that are unfolding on the landscape. 


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Bird Language - July 23

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I have attended courses at ENWS for 4 years.  To call the classes "impactful" is a severe understatement.  They have been perspective altering.  To quote Thomas Henry Huxley:
"To a person uninstructed in natural history, his country or sea-side stroll is a walk through a gallery filled with wonderful works of art, nine-tenths of which have their faces turned to the wall. Teach him something of natural history, and you place in his hands a catalogue of those which are worth turning around."
Earth Native's classes are mostly outdoors, always interesting, and a great way to change your perspective.  As for me, it has granted me a catalogue (to reference the quote) that now permeates the way I perceive the natural world.  Instead of a city-boy with zero confidence in the wilderness, I now feel competent to the level of comfort in being part of nature.
I owe a lot to ENWS and will never be able to repay the debt. - JB

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