Edible PlantsApril 12

The world around us is full of an incredible bounty of edible wild plants that are even more packed with nutrients then most domesticated crops. Plus, many of them are not just nutritious but really tasty too! It is only in our very recent history that human beings have largely stopped harvesting wild plants. This class will teach you all of the things you need to know to start your wildcrafting journey, including some common local edibles, wild plant harvesting and preparation, and recommended resources that will help you to continue your learning journey.


Upcoming Classes 

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Vision Quest - March 30-April 4

Medicinal Plants - April 11

Edible Plants - April 12

Intro to Wildlife Tracking - April 18-19

Butchering & Animal Processing - April 25

Escape and Evasion - May 8-10

Wildlife Track & Sign Certification with CyberTracker Int’l - May 30-31

Wilderness Survival 101- June 27-28

Wilderness Survival 101 - August 29-30

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