DAVE SCOTT - Founder/Program Director/Adult Lead Instructor 

Dave is the Program Director and Lead Instructor at Earth Native Wilderness School. Dave found a lifelong love for the nature as a young child exploring Texas’ wild places with his brother, Michel. As a teenager, a passion for wilderness survival skills and self-reliance was kindled while he was involved with his county’s local search and rescue team.

After spending 5 years in the US Army, Dave began pursuing his true passions full time, studying wilderness survival, wildlife tracking, youth and adult mentoring, naturalist studies, and sustainable living skills at wilderness schools across the country. Dave has been involved in Environmental Education since 2003 and, in addition to Earth Native Wilderness School, has instructed at several wilderness schools across the country including the Wilderness Awareness School and Alderleaf Wilderness College. Dave is currently one of only 20 individuals in North America qualified as a Track and Sign Specialist through the Cybertracker Conservation evaluation system, an international standard for gauging and enhancing in-field knowledge of wildlife behavior and track and sign identification.  

Dave is the co-author of Bird Feathers: A Guide to North American Species and is currently working toward his Master’s Degree in Environmental Education. As an educator, Dave’s passion is to help his students reconnect with the natural world through wildlife tracking, increased sensory awareness, wilderness survival skills, and the development of a strong sense of place.

MICHEL ORION SCOTT - Adult Instructor

Michel spent most of his youth exploring the wooded areas of central Texas where he was born and raised. After earning a degree in film from the University of Texas, Michel went on to crew, direct, and produce numerous successful films that have been screened and distributed all over the world.

After 12 years in the film business, Michel has never lost touch with his childhood love for the nature and continues to use his career in film as a vehicle to learn from native cultures in various locations of the earth.  From Botswana to Bolivia, Namibia to Mongolia and many places in-between, Michel has studied with and been deeply inspired by the way of life of the indigenous peoples that he has been fortunate enough to spend time with.  It is with great humility that Michel passes on this wisdom to those who seek it. And he sees it as a great honor to learn much in the process from those who listen and share his passions.

MICHELLE CARBONE - Youth Programs Coordinator/Youth Instructor

Born and raised in the Midwest, Michelle has traveled across the States before landing in Austin. After living in St. Louis, Milwaukee, Ohio, and even Yellowstone National Park, she has become familiar with the natural wonders existing all across the States. Once she received an undergraduate degree from Marquette University in Urban and Environmental Affairs, she began sharing her love and knowledge of the natural world.  

Starting in Yellow Springs, Ohio, she became a Naturalist at Glen Helen Outdoor Education Center.  Here, she spent a year taking children on hikes, feeding owls and perfecting the “Bird of Prey Shuffle” skit, where she was featured as the Barn Owl.   Due to the impressive commitment to her role as a barn owl and her natural ability to make nature seem “not just for hippies”, direct quote, she was invited to stay on as a Coordinator of the Summer Camp.  Michelle migrated to the South after many years of cold winters to the fair (and warmer) state of Texas to continue outdoor education at the YMCA Camp Grady Spruce in North Central Texas.  Boat rides to islands, star-gazing and hiking mountains with 5th graders from miles around became her life, as well as singing her always-entertaining Water Cycle Song. 

The last leg of her journey before venturing back to Texas was Yellowstone National Park, where she had the chance to climb among the Grand Tetons of Jackson Hole and back country camp all over Yellowstone.  But after her many visits to Austin, and Gourdoughs, she knew her home was here, where she has been involved with the Nature and Science Center as well as the Wildflower Center before becoming Earth Native's Youth Programs Coordinator.  Her passions include recycling, buying local and looking for new and innovative ways to lead a simpler life with minimal impact on the environment but still maximum fun!

JESSICA ENNIS - Youth Instructor/Adult Instructor

Jessica was born and raised in the Great Lakes bioregion.  Originally from the Chicago suburbs, she has spent recent years living in Michigan before moving to Austin.  After graduating from Calvin College with a degree in International Development, she spent two years working for a refugee resettlement agency, getting to  know people from all over the world, starting a craft business for clients, and matching community members with newly arrived refugees. 

She has always loved spending time outside, but a few years ago she decided to pursue rewilding full-time.  So she left the non-profit world, moved to the Pacific Northwest, and enrolled at Alderleaf Wilderness College, where she completed their 9-month Certification Program. 

At Alderleaf, Jessica began to learn more about the art of tracking, a subject which she wasn't particularly passionate about until she met some inspiring tracker women, whose excitement proved to be contagious.  She also deepened her knowledge of plants, learning more about ethnobotany and permaculture.  After struggling to find and keep one, going to her sit spot became one of her favorite activities.  Her passion is nature awareness, and she loves to see kids grow to feel at home in the outdoors.

Most recently Jessica has been an Instructor with Earth Native's 9-month Weekly Homeschool Program the last 2 years, Youth Monthly programs, as well as other adult and youth classes. Jessica loves finding the wild in urban environments, and seeing the resilience of plants and animals taking over places abandoned by humans.  She finds joy in riding her bike, watching the sky, brewing kombucha, and exploring the landscape.

GREY COWAN - Youth Instructor/Adult Instructor

Douglas G. Cowan (nicknamed Grey) was born in Dallas, TX, but moved to Albuquerque, NM at age 2. Growing up in the Sandia foothills, he and his younger brother caught, observed, and released bull snakes, western fence lizards, tarantulas, quail, box turtles, and rabbits. Hiking, camping, and skiing were past times for his family. Grey earned his Eagle Scout in 2002.

After graduating from University of New Mexico with a double major in History and Religious Studies, Grey moved to Washington in 2011 to study mentoring and survival skills at Wilderness Awareness School. He completed the Outdoor School plus two years as an apprentice instructor for youth, teen, and adults. In addition to teaching summer camps Grey contributed articles to their Nature Skills website.

Cybertracker Level III certified in Wildlife Tracking, Grey enjoys wandering landscapes looking for signs of life. Before moving to the Austin area, Grey was last in Montana to study at Bill McConnell’s Past Skills Yamabushi program. He enjoys working with his hands: making bows, arrows, tanning hides and sewing buckskin clothing, flint knapping, and perfecting primitive skills. As his spiritual connections to the earth mature, he realizes that creating strong relationships with the natural world gives each person a better quality of life. He enjoys empowering children and adults to feel comfortable and at home in nature. 


Deanna grew up in Leander, Texas where her family spent weekends fishing, camping and canoeing on Lake Travis.  Her father enjoyed hunting, and she helped him butcher deer in the garage, learned how to hold a canoe steady while he bow-fished, and learned to respect firearms, fishhooks and knives at a young age. 

In her late teens, Deanna was immersed in absolute, pristine nature in the high mountains of Colorado; guided by an old mountain man who followed no trails and navigated by the shapes of the surrounding mountain peaks.  The smell of wild mint filled the air near every stream, and wild Tiger Lilies were in bloom. She appreciated remote places in nature from then on.

Later, while attending the University of Texas, Deanna worked as an Arts Coordinator for Austin Parks and Recreation.  She enjoyed introducing children to the playful world of artistic creation.  At UT, the study of ancient stone monuments fascinated her, and after graduating she travelled to see some first-hand, including Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Giza Pyramids and Colossi of Memnon in Egypt, and Machu Picchu in Peru.

Deanna enjoys finding fossils, identifying species of plants and birds, overnight canoe camping and now lives with her wonderful husband and little girl on the Colorado River near Bastrop.

ERIC KNIGHT - Youth Instructor/Adult Instructor

Eric was born and raised in Austin. As a kid, his summers were filled with trips to Enchanted Rock, Hamilton's Pool, and all the other natural wonders of central Texas. These experiences instilled a love of the natural world and influenced him to study Environmental Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. Upon graduating, he decided to travel throughout Southeast Asia learning about their diverse cultures and ways of life. When he returned to the states, Eric worked on an organic farm on the Oregon coast. All this time away from Austin made him realize how much he loves central Texas and forced him to recognize the importance of 'home'. Wanting to embrace and share all that is Austin, he got a job at the Austin Nature & Science Center teaching elementary kids about the natural world. Some of his accomplishments there include developing a pilot program that brings science and nature to afterschool recreation centers on the east side and creating a botany/edible plant class for homeschoolers.

In 2011, Eric was lucky enough to apprentice through the Way of the Pathfinder program here at Earth Native. The program vastly improved his nature mentoring skills and furthered his knowledge and love for survival skills and naturalist studies. Some highlights include building a hackberry bow, making a knife with an agarita handle, brain-tanning, and tracking throughout Big Bend and the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

In the end though, Eric's passion lies with the plant world. Eric has led multiple plant walks through the Austin Nature & Science Center and Earth Native and has studied herbalism at the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine here in Austin. Plants are his hobby; if you find him on any given day, he's probably doing something with plants.

LIBBIE WEIMER - Youth Instructor

Libbie grew up on the path of the Appalachian Trail in Western Massachusetts, where she developed a passion for anything and everything outdoors. While studying International Relations and Latin American studies at Carleton College in Minnesota, she led first-year orientation trips in the Boundary Waters.

Since her teenage days volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in Massachusetts, Libbie has dedicated her life to social justice and building community wherever she lives and works. Her enthusiasm for civic engagement and education has expressed itself in many ways, from teaching English to culinary students in the Galápagos, to organizing a giant campus garage sale of students’ unwanted items to benefit local youth programs, to gardening with Urban Patchwork, to helping low-income students in Austin prepare for college.

In 2008, Libbie co-produced a short documentary film about urban indigenous women’s identity while studying abroad in Bolivia, and has since pursued media as a means to communicate her passions. Throughout 2010 and 2011, Libbie worked with Austin filmmaker John Fiege on several environmental documentary film projects, collecting material that included the stories of communities affected by the BP oil spill and the Keystone XL pipeline.

Since departing from the piney woods of East Texas earlier this year, Libbie has refocused her energies and taken time to explore the wilderness areas of the Southwest. She recently returned from Utah with sand in her boots excited to bring her love of wilderness into the world of education. Drawing from her experiences volunteering in elementary schools and serving as an AmeriCorps member, she is thrilled to work with youth again, and hopes to inspire new generations of naturalists.

MIKKI SCOTT - Director of Operations

After 17 years in the Hospitality/Travel industry, Mikki has switched gears to help her husband pursue his dream of running Earth Native Wilderness School. As the Director of Operations, Mikki oversees many of the school's business operations including web design, registration, promotion/advertising, accounting and more. Born and raised in Colorado, Mikki has found her true home in South Austin with her wonderful husband, Dave Scott, and their two beautiful children.



Mark grew up camping and hiking in a region known as the Callahan Divide of western Texas. It was here amid the Juniper and Pecan Forests where his love of wild places and the skills to live in these places first developed. For over 15 years now, he has been traveling to natural areas across the United States to learn, practice, and live the lifeway that he so dearly loves, primitive wilderness living. Mark served proudly as a soldier in the US Army for four years and is an Infantry Combat Veteran (Iraq 2004). He is a long time student of Tom Brown Jr. and has studied bow making under Jim Hamm. Experience by trial and error have shaped Mark throughout his life, so he now has a very thorough knowledge of what works and what does not work. He also works with the Lipan Apache Indians down in south Texas on survival programs and events. Mark believes that the primitive living skills are an art and science that give people not only a greater sense of security in the outdoors, but a connection to the earth in a real way. He holds a B.S. in Education from Texas A&M University and teaches from real life experiences. Mark lives with his wife Amy in College Station, Texas and together travel to various wild places across the state to teach primitive wilderness survival skills.

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