On-Going Intensives and Apprenticeships 

8 Month Wildlife Tracking Intensive

8 Month Survival Skills Intensive

Environmental Education Apprenticeship


Wildlife Tracking Intensive

DSC 0059Explore the art and science of wildlife tracking, animal behavior, and ecology through our 9 month wildlife tracking intensive. This course meets one weekend a month to study the tracks and sign of the mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians of Texas.  In addition to the 5 Bastrop/Austin area weekend classes there are three extended expeditions to other areas of the state including Big Bend NP, Monahans Sandhills SP, and the South Texas Coast. This intensive is instructed by our lead instructor, Dave Scott, who is one of the most highly qualified wildlife trackers in the United States.


Wilderness Survival Intensive

Do you have the skills to survive? Our 9 month survival skills intensive is designed to  teach you all of the skills you need to survive a survival situation in almost any environment. At Earth Native we believe that students learn through doing, not just though lectures. In this course you will learn to harness the power of fire, build a survival bow and arrows, trap small game, build and use practical shelters, make rope from plant fibers, catch and spear fish, the wild plants you can eat and lots more… This course culminates in a 4 day full survival trip in East Texas where participants are able to put their skills to the ultimate test.

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