Introduction to Coyote Mentoring

Join us in the fresh air for a weekend of inspiration, challenges, and fun in this introductory Coyote Mentoring course. The Coyote Mentoring education style combines knowledge of natural learning cycles, child’s passions, indigenous “invisible school” teaching and more to help children learn with excitement and ease. Kids love it and so will you!

Coyote Mentoring is an educational style with roots in various ancient cultures, adapted to fit modern constructs. In this model, an environment is created where learning happens naturally, for both teacher and student. It teaches us to deepen learning relationships, cultivate curiosity and courage, and have lots of fun! Its foundation is set in authenticity, natural learning cycles and the instinctual interests of children. The end goal is to gracefully construct experiences for our students where real connection and learning happen, resulting in lasting memories and the growth of whole human beings. 


In this course we will cover:

Use of the 8 shields mentoring model developed by Jon Young 

Utilization of natural child's passions to enhance learning 

Core Routines for increased nature connection

The art of questioning

Using gratitude to connect more deeply with the world around us 

Peacemaker Principles 

And more!

Class Cost: $165 per person

Class Dates: February 17-18, 2018

Class Times: 9am-4pm each day

Class Location: Our campus in Bastrop, TX at 137 Woodview Lane (read more about our campus here)

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