Summer Camp Instructor

Earth Native Wilderness School is seeking seasonal summer camp instructors

Youth Programing Responsibilities

Instruct youth ages 6-17 in our outdoor education centered summer camps. Curriculum includes but is not limited to: ecology, plant studies, basic outdoor/survival skills, wildlife tracking, bird identification and behavior, and navigation with and without map and compass.





·      Applicants must have some basic naturalist knowledge, a love of wild places, and a strong desire to share their passions for the natural world with children. It is not so important to us that applicants have mastery knowledge of all things nature. However, it is extremely important that applicants be excited about learning about nature and understand the learning process so that they can explore and solve natural mysteries with their students.


·      Minimum 1 year of experience working nature based youth programs required. Experience can be waived if the applicant has completed an intensive year-long mentoring program or apprenticeship like the Anake outdoor school or similar.


·      Applicants must possess good communication skills with adults and youth, as well as strong risk assessment and group management skills.


·      Applicant must be creative, responsible, and self-directed.


·      1st Aid/CPR certification required before work begins.


·      All applicants must be able to pass a federal background check.



·      Graduate of (Wilderness Awareness School’s) Anake Outdoor School or similar program. Experience with nature-connection mentoring skills such as Art of Mentoring, Kamana Naturalist Training Program, or similar place-based mentoring programs. Knowledge and skill in wilderness survival, wildlife tracking, mapping, hazards of the region, bird language, and local flora and fauna identification is a plus.


Pay and Benefits

$12-$14/hr starting, depending on experience


·      Paid summer camp training:

All new staff will receive  paid* intensive training in youth environmental education mentoring at the beginning of the summer. Must be available for training in early June. Dates TBA.


*Pay rates for training are $10/hr.


About Earth Native School

Earth Native Wilderness School is an environmental education organization dedicated to fostering personal connection to the natural world and the natural systems that sustain life through appreciation, increased awareness, independence, and knowledge of where we have come from. The school offers numerous courses and guided nature experiences that facilitate connection to the natural world in students of all ages. Courses offered by Earth Native Wilderness School include: knowledge of place, sensory awareness, indigenous living skills, wilderness survival, self-reliance, primitive hunting, sustainability education, appreciation for and stewardship of natural systems, wildlife ecology and tracking, animal behavior, edible and medicinal plant studies, land navigation, rite of passage, and mentoring.


Earth Native is a growing school and our youth programs are quickly expanding in the Austin area. It is very likely that there will be permanent part and full-time youth programs instructor positions available starting in September 2013. Seasonal summer camp instructors will have an advantage in future hiring for permanent positions.


To Apply

Email an application, letter of interest, resume, and 3 references to:

We expect these positions to fill quickly, please apply in a timely manner to be considered.


For more information about our school

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